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“The Real estate business has evolved fast over the last ten years. The internet changed the game, there is the perception that Realtors have become busier and less available. Human contact seems to have been lost. Let me tell you about my way of doing business.”

My way


Since I first became a Realtor in 1999, I was, and am still, convinced that a healthy real estate business is first and foremost a relationship business.  I sincerely believe that any business contact must quickly become a relationship if one wants to make it successful. When you are purchasing or selling what is often one of your biggest investments of your life, your home, building a healthy relationship with your Realtor is necessary.

You will be welcoming me into your home, sharing your dreams, and at times sharing some personal information,  perhaps even calling me almost everyday... Doesn't this look like a close relationship to you?



I never realized a single real estate operation without a strong dose of trust on everyone's part. It doesn't mean at all that you need to give me your trust blindly.  Of course in any relationship that trust must be earned.  And of course with trust comes respect.  


We're a team. I can't really do much without your help and support.  We all have to do our part.  As a seller you are doing what it takes to make sure your home is kept in good marketable clean condition and accessible as much as possible to potential buyers. 

As a buyer, you are prepared to respond quickly to the market when appropriate homes become available, and you keep your credit in good condition.  I am daily on the hunt for that perfect match that you've dreamed of.

Teamwork can also be from carefully vetted suppliers, mortgage brokers and insurance people. I work with good people, for years, people I trust. People I will be happy to recommend to you.


Good communication is the key in any relationship, whether it be personal or business, you know that.  A regular dialog is mandatory, I will keep you informed of news or feedback - and that includes good and not so good information.


Good marketing is customized marketing.  Your home sale in unique. I will use what you will tell me about your home, what i can see and feel about it to create customized messages and marketing materials.  Professional photography, smart communication, smart use of social media, special Open House events - you will see that creativity is a wonderful sales weapon.



Be sure that I will always negotiate the best value for you. For selling or buying, you need a negotiator that puts your interests front and center at all times.  Generally, you won't find me trying to represent both sides of a deal at the same time - unless both sides are clearly informed and involved in the transaction process will I accept such a position.


Don't we all want to do business with people we know, trust and respect?  We enjoy doing business with good people.  For me that has meant that most of my past and current clients have morphed into good life-long friends.  Good people - Good Friends - a recipe for a happy life and business.  It's a Good Life!

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