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Not the traditional Multiple Listing Service way of doing business!


Over the many years of buying and selling a home across North America, the process and solutions were all very similar. Some agents were brilliant, some totally useless. Some agencies were very involved, some were never heard from.
In today’s digital world, there are more choices to research, but it’s still that personal touch that will make the huge difference in experience. It is such a great pleasure to find a company that offers a unique approach and has deeply engaged people to support buyers and sellers at this often emotional time in their lives.

First Class Properties is not just a name, it’s a reflection of the people behind the name, Norm Rice and Jean-Yves Verdu. Their commitment to doing real estate differently by building lasting relationships is the foundation on which their success is built. Their understanding of community and how important neighborhoods are unites the buyer with everything that is important in the decision making process. This approach applies equally to sellers because ads to sell properties are uniquely created to attract potential buyers. You won’t find the traditional MLS way of doing business here!





Between 2015 and 2018, Kevan was Chair of the Cannon Beach Destination Marketing Committee of the Board of Directors, and served on their Board too. His greatest achievement was to reposition the City to appeal to more visits at times when there was capacity with the accommodations. At the time, he was consulting too with his business, Minds Aligned Group.
He did some work with Visit Tillamook Coast to survey and meet with restauranteurs that began the process of developing Oregon’s North Coast Food Trail. He was a member of the steering committee under the leadership of Travel Oregon.
He also worked with Oregon Coast Visitors Association to develop the Oregon Coast Public Art Trail which is still a work in progress, encouraged the development of new pieces, making presentations to local councils.



A good partnership is built on trust and a strong relationship. As an integral part of conducting business, Norm takes the time to learn about your lifestyle, your wants and your needs. He stays in touch to ensure the he is still on track and that he’s meeting your  expectations. By the time you’ve finished the transaction, you’re no longer a client, you’ve made a friend. Hey Norm, stop by for a game of darts and a cool beer.

Bill & Kelly SCHWARTZ

In 2018, in a small tasting room in Boring, Oregon I was introduced to Bill & Kelly as the new owners of Boring Brewing Co. Within a very short time, Bill & Kelly managed to bring the small community together like no one else had managed to do - even introducing neighbors to each other.  They became a strong catalyst within the community.  I often say that Bill & Kelly are not only great friends, but the type of community leaders every community needs.


“I can’t thank Norm enough for all the hard work, dedication and time he spent selling my condo. He was helpful, supportive, and goal oriented from our first communication to our closing conversations. I needed active advise about selling my condo since I live out of the state. He went above and  beyond expectations making suggestions of good investments to renovate and finding reliable workers to complete the upgrades. He never left any questions unanswered and always responded promptly. Norm was able to sell my condo quickly in the dead of winter. I would highly recommend Norm. You will receive the best service any agent can provide.”

Arlene was a remarkable person to work for and with. Arlene was referred to me by Karen Kane of Insurance Solutions NW. Arlene lives out of the country enjoying her retirement. Throughout the process, including prior to her condo going on the market,  I always enjoyed Arlene’s quick responses to my questions or comments. What could have been a logistical nightmare became one of my favorite “out of the box” and country sales experiences. Thanks Karen Kane for your incredible referral of Arlene.



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“I have worked with a lot of realtors in my 25 years in the home mortgage finance business.  Norm stands out with his compassion for his clients and his excellent guidance in both the home buying and home selling process.  Both buying and selling can have its stressful moments, but Norm’s professionalism keeps the waters far less turbulent.  Hey Norm, swing by the house for a cold one anytime you are in the area!”


Fred is a home mortgage broker at Finance of America. I first met Fred about 5 years ago and was immediately struck by his gentle kind and unpretentious demeanor. He was one of the guys who invited me to join Rotary where I immediately was impressed by his genuine giving spirit. He does so much within our community.

As my wife Moni says: “He is one of the kindest men I have met”. She and I both feel he reflects an ethical and value system that goes beyond the ordinary.
I have worked with a number of mortgage guys, but Fred tops them all in terms of his going the extra mile for his clients.  Many of them become his long-term friends.  That in itself speaks volumes.  Good words for him:  Integrity - Genuininess - Community-minded - Kind - Oregonian - Old School Values - Service about self!


“Norm our agent of choice a knowledgeable and seasoned professional. He has a refreshing zeal and fascination and is a student of real estate, the economy, markets, trends, internet, on line social and old fashioned networking. He is continually researching, learning and updating his skills. Norm  helped us buy our Summer place condo and saved us money on that purchase. He has now become our listing agent for out house sale. His communication about the sale of our home is most appreciated. We have weekly updates on internet traffic, market trends and activity, as well as steps he is taking to show and sell our home. Periodic text and email add to the verbal and face to face.”

First met Brian Steltzer over a cup of coffee and bagel in old town Gresham. I quickly learned right away that Brian was very aware of local real estate market as well as what was going on within the business community around him. Brian and Christine were strong community advocates and supporters. They were actively involved  throughout both their Gresham home sale and condo purchase experience - the definition of being team players. 

Cris & Brian STELTZER


“Communicating with Norm was a breath of fresh air.  No matter what, he always had an answer or would obtain one for us, right then and there. Hey Norm, putting burgers on the grill for dinner, can you join us?”

Maya, Brian, Eryk & Scarlett BOWEN

I met Maya & Brian Bowen in 2005, Eryk & Scarlett came along later. I am taking care of the family estate for 14 years. Brian's mom & dad, Dene & Bo, were my original clients and friends. When they both passed away, Brian asked me to continue taking care of the family properties.


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